Residential Shredding Service Tacoma – Seattle Wa

Easy Shredding is EASY for residential shredding services, too!

Do you have years of old bills, documents, and statements at your home or in storage that you no longer need, but you don’t want them in the hands of identity thieves?
Do your parents or grandparents have decades of them?

Call Easy Shredding for our residential service and we’ll destroy those documents for you.




“It was convenient for us to set up a date and time. It was especially nice to go to his website and discover how the process is done. Platt is a very nice person, has many skills and his communication is excellent.”
  – Carmela St. Pierre, Residential, Tacoma, WA

“Found on the internet, fast service, reasonable, and easy for me with at-home pickup.”
  – Marjorie, Knight, Velocity Appraisal, Tacoma, WA

“Outstanding service, included at-home pickup, friendly, prompt and efficient and would recommend to all.”
   – Bob Caughey, Residential, Puyallup, WA


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