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In accordance with HIPAA and other privacy regulations, Easy Shredding destroys old records, sensitive documents, files, etc.

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Bulk Shredding File Purge in Seattle

One-time purge – Bulk Shredding
A one-time purge pick up is typically quoted by total weight in pounds or by number of standard filing “banker’s boxes.” Easy Shredding is proud to provide the best value for bulk shreds in the area.

“Economical, fast, no removing of staples or folder covers….Great service. I like the way you do business!”

– Brad Fulton, (President, W.S.A.J.) Carter & Fulton, P.S., Everett, WA



“Nothing less than superb! They moved and destroyed over 300 boxes of old files in a most professional, timely and efficient manner.  Their bill was shockingly reasonable.  I highly recommend this company.”  

 – John Fuhrman, Fuhrman Law Office, Seattle, WA

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